Thursday, 11 July 2013

Things I Expect from a Quality Feed Reader

Essential features as a feed reader:
  1. Instant data import from Google Reader
  2. Auto-discovery of feeds by webpage URL
  3. Compact UI, or at least an optional compact UI
  4. Widescreen support and dimension-adaptive display
  5. Inline excerpt display of arbitrary length in list view
  6. CSS Optimization such that highlighting any text field such as entry title for copying is easy
  7. Categorization of entries (manually star and label, or automatically filter incoming entries)
  8. Actual unread count for each folder, label, and feed
  9. Actual unread status for entries regardless of age
  10. Favicons
  11. Publish and fetch time of each entry
  12. Alphabetical sorting of list items, and drag n' drop support
  13. Keyboard shortcuts in agreement with the GR canonical definitions
  14. Search capability for feed and articles within subscriptions
  15. Complete subscription management (ability to easily add, delete, batch delete, label, rename, and reorder feeds and labels)
  16. Unchanged list and focus position when switching between display modes
  17. Load and search speed (server)
  18. Navigation performance when quickly moving through items (client)
  19. Auto-update of changes in fetch entries with a notice; avoid showing minimally different duplicates
  20. Site-wide SSL encryption
  21. Full cloud service with cross-platform compatibility on desktop
  22. API and Instapaper button (or other types of Kindle support)
  23. Personal and per-feed statistics
Social features:
  1. Share/broadcast with comments to personal public profile; feed output
  2. Send to friends via email
  3. Share via twitter etc.
  4. Attempt to unify internal "like" and external voting forms such as Google +1, Facebook like and Digg
  5. Trending topics and classified recommendations generated from social data and user labels/tags