Tuesday, 24 April 2012

After finals


  1. carwash, alignment, oil change, check tire pressure and brakes

  2. renew plate tags after annual inspection; update mailing address at DMV

  3. house cleanup

  4. do laundry

  5. one post of top10 each day

  6. threat/niko interview

  7. restructure bookmarks

  8. categorize library singletons

  9. collect all top recs

  10. finish digging blogs

  11. upgrade to i7 (in a month), test justin.tv and twitch.tv

  12. fresh install laptop

  13. finish portal 2, fallout 3, cod4mw3, elder scrolls 5, mass effect 3

  14. collect achievements in csgo, keep up with cspromod (DM beta and 1.09)

  15. stjude papers

  16. gather gre materials, grad school research

  17. read through astro-ph references on galactic outflow