Sunday, 31 March 2013

Terrible Experience with US Airways

I was enjoying a book chapter on AdS/CFT correspondence in 5-dimensional brane models tonight on an aeroplane before departure. An aged attendant came along and asked me to "power off" my kindle 3rd. gen keyboard 3G while others were reading magazines and newspapers.

At first I kindly explained to her why an E ink device in this case is equivalent to any paper-based media: it does not take any power to retain the grayscale display since E ink pearl screens only use power when the electrodes change the polarization of the charged ink particles, there is in fact no viable way to power off any E ink screen, and she will always see something on display. But she wouldn't listen and insisted that I "power off any electronic device", which eventually started to seriously piss me off. I almost wanted to question her: do you ask passengers to take the batteries out of their watches or pacemakers which are technically "electronic devices" as well?

I dislike those who are extremely difficult to communicate with, lack the necessary knowledge to to their job right, and show little respect to customers who do things beyond their comprehension. Also worth noting is that during the previous flight before the connection, they screwed up the cabin pressurization and I had a severe earache for 10 mins.

Conclusively, I discourage anyone from flying with US Airways unless you wanna risk blowing up your eardrums or being talked down to like an antisocial criminal by some ignorant attendant. — at Charlotte Douglas International Airport
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